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10 B2B & SaaS Email Marketing Tips and Ideas That Work!

Updated: Mar 28

Hey! You’ve got a mail

“Opens mail”

From: Yogesh Jain

Subject: 10 B2B and SaaS email marketing tips

Dear Reader,

This mail is regarding the importance of email marketing in B2B and especially SaaS email marketing and how to improve the same with some easy tips and tricks that improve traffic, engagement, and loyalty. 

Please find attached a few tips to improve your B2B and SaaS Email marketing:

Selling Through Content

1. Propose a Purpose

If you want to make the most out of your email marketing, the first thing to do is to understand its purpose. Without setting a logical goal, you will not know if your approach is working or not, on what basis will you analyze the outcome? How will you make a plan of action without a goal?

Pen down your goals. It could be anything like more subscribers to the newsletter or more sign-ups for a free trial. Just ensure you have a logical goal and a crystal clear understanding of it.

2. A Lil mixy-mix

Speaking from personal experience (I am sure you all must have experienced this), just promotional emails become irritating at a point. If you’re constantly nagging your target audience with promotional emails, you’ll definitely see an increase in the unsubscribe rate. Try not to do it, instead mix a bit of informative mail along with the promotional ones. This way, you would establish a long-lasting relationship with your audience and the subscriber rate will increase.

This is a basic psychological thing! No one would be interested in reading about your product frequently. Try being subtle, try being informative and you’ll see the change!

3. Time is prime

What is the best time to send emails? Why is time so crucial?

Well, there’s no particular time that I’d say is the best for sending emails. Time depends on the type of subscribers you have. To find the right time, analyze past engagement details and come up with the time you think had the most engagement. Time plays a crucial role, as the ultimate aim of the sender is to make the subscriber read what’s in it. This will happen only if the subscriber is free or has a keen interest in it. Check your analytics and see on which days the engagement was higher and choose the days accordingly. Don’t shower your subscribers with a lot of emails. It might become irritating after a while and you’ll experience a downfall in engagement. Make a plan and decide the frequency (you can also ask your subscribers directly).

4. Include videos in your SaaS email marketing

It’s a fact! Whether it’s a child or an adult explaining complex topics becomes easier with the use of a video. By adding videos in your mail, it becomes easier for your target audience to understand and remember things you mentioned, this ultimately results in better engagement. The best way to do so is by uploading a video on YouTube and sharing its link via email.

When you want people to know about a new product/service or a new offer or an update, create a sense of excitement so that the person is intrigued to watch the video you attached.

Example: Introducing, launching, Special, Offer, Notification, Limited period, Free, etc.

5. The 3Rs of SaaS Email Marketing

For inactive subscribers

After learning about the problem of subscriber disengagement, I came up with my technique, which comprises the three major components:

  1. Re-view

  2. Re-visit

  3. Re-build

I like to call it the 3Rs! So this technique is all about “do not give up” on your inactive subscribers. They might look uninterested at present. However, at some point, they had an interest in your product. To gain your subscribers back, start with the Review.

Re-view the content you’ve been sending them and look for the factors that might have made them lose interest.

Re-visit them by using effective copywriting techniques that’ll provoke an emotion. For example: “Hey Sam (their name)! Are we still friends?” “Did you miss me?”

And last, try to Re-build the relationship by giving them coupons/limited period offers and remind the user why they signed up for your email.

6. How about some fine-tuning?

This one is easy! All you have to do is put your subscribers in-charge of what they receive. Sounds difficult? It’s not! There are multiple ways to do so, you will have to give them options to pick from, and whatever the subscriber chooses, provide them with information on that track only. You will see an instant increase in engagement rate as the subscribers receive emails that interest them. By doing so, you will also understand their likes and dislikes, and then you can customize your content accordingly. 

To achieve this, the general thing that’s being followed is: 

  1. Send an email to your subscribers asking what kinds of emails would interest them.

  2. Provide them with a few options.

  3. Let them choose.

  4. Provide them with a little more information about their choice and update their preference for them so that they’ll start receiving those emails only.

7. Crisp and clear content

Why would someone read your mail? Why would someone invest that amount of time for you?

The answer is in the next question! “What’s in it for me?” That’s exactly what your audience will think! So here you will need your COPY game strong!! Your email copy should highlight what’s in it for your audience.

We are organizing an online exhibition for new and updated versions of electronics along with how to use them! Sign-up for the exhibition❌

Looking for some new and updated versions of electronics?? Sign up for the exhibition now! ✅

Which one would you prefer? Understand and implement the right thing.

8. Set the tone right in your SaaS email marketing content

Here’s a quick thing about a SaaS buyer. In the initial stage of buying, he will have to interact with multiple departments of your company like- the sales team, tech team, support team etc. via mail. It’s crucial that they all follow the same tonality that you have set (you cannot have unfamiliar tones for different departments). Let’s consider this: if the sales department has used a formal tone in the e-mail, the entire organization will have to follow the same (It’ll look extremely unprofessional if different departments have distinct tones and might even confuse the buyers). The same has to be followed with email signatures. There are multiple tools for signature management. Kindly use that.

9. Stage-wise Email Content

using marketing funnel as a reference point for saas email marketing

“Identify and act” is the right thing to do here, identify the stage of the lead in his customer journey and tailor the email in a way that takes them to the next level. You can monitor the sequence of mails and try to provide information in stages to prevent “information overload”.

For Example-

  1. If the lead is in the initial stage, the mail should talk about the benefits, utility, and overall advantages of the product. 

  2. If the lead is in the consideration stage, you may provide them with some offers or coupons.

  3. Once the lead has been converted into a client, provide them with a good post-sale service. 

Depending on your business, decide a sequence of your mail and keep a track of your leads.

10. The industry update

A little industry update will always help you keep people engaged and they’ll see a variety in your email, which is a great thing to do. Now, this update shouldn’t be just about your company and what you offer, but a general awareness message. Curate a list of a few trending and informative content in your industry, even those not written by your brand. This would show that your company cares more about providing value to your subscribers than promoting your product. This increases your goodwill and helps build trust.

Benedict Evans and Angle List Weekly both are outstanding examples of engaging users with industry-relevant content.

To conclude, I would suggest trying out these ideas and especially the 3Rs. See the improvement yourself.

Thanks and regards,

Yogesh Jain

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