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How To Write Killer Headlines And Copy For Your Facebook Ads?

Updated: Mar 22

Facebook boasts 2.93 billion active users as of July 2022. This makes Facebook the most used social media platform in the world. Hence, it is an excellent platform to reach your audiences. Additionally, Facebook provides several marketing options and tools to businesses that you can use to market to targeted audiences. The platform makes it incredibly easy to reach your ideal audience, but it is up to you and your convincing skills to sell your product. For that, your Facebook ads need to be the best ad there is. This means that you have to be on your A-game when it comes to headlines and copies.


The Anatomy of Facebook Ad

While we cover headlines and copy for your Facebook ads in this article, let’s have a look at the anatomy of Facebook ads.

Facebook ad layout

1. The visuals

This is the element that catches your target customer’s eye. The visuals refer to the images you use in your posts and ads. Visuals are an excellent way to add depth and character to your Facebook ads. Humans have always used images and pictures to communicate with others and generate strong emotions. Images are like a concentrated dose of storytelling medium. You can translate a 1000-word story into a single image. That’s how powerful visuals are to your ads.


2. Headline

Your Facebook ad headline should be short, expressive, and persuasive. This is what is going to get your readers to read the following copy. You have about eight seconds to capture your reader’s interest. And a good portion of that goes into seeing the visual. Therefore, your headline should pack a punch.


3. Copy

This part is the block of content you add to persuade your customer to buy your product. The devil is in the details, is a popular saying. In this case, he’s in the copy of your Facebook ad. Your copy is the perfect place for you to entice your reader to check out your product by explaining it and the benefits it provides.


4. CTA

The call to action is the holy grail for marketers. Other than keywords, of course. You can increase click-through rates by 285% by adding CTAs. Plus, about 90% of readers who see the headline also read the CTA copy.


How can you write killer headlines for your Facebook Ad?


1. Use power words and phrases

Copywriters use powerful words/phrases to invoke a specific psychological or emotional response from the reader. They are called power words since they are persuasive in nature. You can influence your readers to perform actions you want through your writing. Hence, marketers use them in ads to boost conversion rates or leads. A few words include:

  • Bets

  • Before

  • Bonus

  • Giveaway

  • Last chance

  • Premier

  • Hurry

Hence, by using “last chance to book your appointment” you are telling your audience that they need to hurry before they lose the chance. This instills a sense of urgency and prompts them to take a step.


2. Personalize your headline

Your headline should not be aimed at your entire demographic. It should be amines at a very specific part of your target demographic. Hence, do not use generic headlines because they will get you nowhere. Be unique and ultra-specific. Write it to three people if you must, but do not generalize. By personalizing your headline to the specific audience, you are saying ‘hey you in the yellow coat with the blue boots’ instead of ‘the person with shoes.’


3. Play on pain points

Relief from pain is one of the biggest motivators for people. So, addressing a solution is the best way to get them to buy your product. For example, you sell knee cushions for yoga. Now, there are two headlines you can write for a conversion Facebook ad. One: Buy a knee cushion for yoga. Two: Our yoga knee cushion will beat your knee pain! The former statement is selling a product. The latter statement is selling a solution (and relief).


How can you write a killer copy for Facebook Ad?


1. Keep your target audience in mind

Facebook has powerful targeting tools. Why is this important? Marketers always craft their content with an audience in mind. This way the copy of your ad will resonate with the demographic you are targeting. For instance, your brand sells yoga mats. You tailor content for audiences who are interested in yoga and wellness. By doing so, you are more likely to reach and convert them. But many demographics can be interested in yoga. You can not write articles about advanced power yoga and expect newbies to buy your products. Write a copy that is for the demographic you’re targeting. Moreover, you can create and label your audiences in the Customer Audiences option, which makes it easier to market your Facebook ad.


2. Use simple language

A Facebook copy is not the place to show your spelling bee skills. Try to keep your copy free of complex words and phrases. The flowery language makes it hard for people to read and muddy your message. Your copy should be clean and concise, easy to understand at a glance. You will only have a few moments of your customers’ attention. Don’t waste it. At all times, write like a 6th grader is reading your work. This way you avoid writing content that sounds like a page from a Dr. Seuss book.


3. Highlight discounts and deals

There is nothing better in the world than a sale. If you are running a promotional campaign, keep it front and center. Tell your audiences the discounts or deals you are giving. Quote the discounts on a price or tell how much they are saving because of the deal. Discounts are an excellent way to drive traffic to your product page and boost sales. Additionally, you can attract new customers through promotions. While you are discounting the makeup price of a product, the overall sales made through it will cover it and then some. Which means you are still making a profit discount.


4. CTA

The CTA (call to action) in your ad serves as a guideline for your customers. Often, audiences do not know what to do after they read an ad. Hence, you have the CTA at the end as a ‘next step’ for your viewers. It influences your target audience to take the action you want them to take. Therefore, your Facebook should have a clear CTA. Moreover, Facebook displays the CTA right next to the headline. Use short CTAs like ‘Shop now’ instead of ‘visit our website to shop’. Or ‘learn more’ rather than ‘go to our blog for more information.’ Your CTA for a specific ad should align with the overall objective of that ad.

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