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Case Study

Navigating Market for Healthcare SaaS in the USA

GrowthPlug offers a comprehensive software solution tailored for healthcare professionals, simplifying website management, social media engagement, email communication, notifications, and appointment scheduling.


Problem Statement:
  • The niche audience of dentists poses a challenge on Google due to limited targeting options.

  • As a bootstrapped startup, high-risk advertising strategies were not viable.

  • With a lead-to-customer conversion timeframe of less than a month, maintaining cash flow was critical.

  • The absence of established marketing channels necessitated a fresh approach.

  • Developed a comprehensive dental marketing resource comprising over 50 pages of valuable insights.

  • Presented the resource as a time-sensitive, paid ebook available for free for a brief duration.

  • Utilized social media ads and search engines to promote the gated content.



Within two months we had a lead flow ready along with follow-up emails to ensure that leads come in consistently and we are profitably scaling the business.

  • Cost per Lead (CPL): $30

  • Cost per Sale (CPS): $400

  • Monthly Advertising Budget: $30,000

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- What platforms do you use for advertising?

We leverage a range of platforms based on your goals, including Adroll, Taboola, Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and other channels relevant to target audience.

- Do you guarantee results with advertising?

It's our promise to deliver every service with best practices to the best of our knowledge, but our service agreements are based on scope of work and not on key performance indicators. That being said, we obviously are in the business of helping health professionals succeed and we do our best to ensure that. 

- How do you measure the success of advertising campaigns?

We use key performance indicators (KPIs) such as lead conversion rates, lead-to-appointment or sales conversion rates and Customer LifeTime Value (CLV) metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of our campaigns.

- What sets Concept Allies apart from other marketing agencies in the healthcare sector?

Our specialization in working with SaaS business who are spending anywhere from $0 to $350k in advertising. We are adept with both early stage SaaS startups and companies that want to scale post refining the product-market fit and lead nurturing process. 

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