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Top 10 Email Marketing Tips For B2B Businesses

Updated: Mar 28

One of the greatest advantages of email marketing is that emails have a much longer shelf life than other social media marketing posts. As email marketing is booming, it is becoming one of the most preferred channels for marketing, especially for B2B businesses. It not only allows for direct conversations with the customers but also has an increased return on investment. Today, with the advent of machine learning software companies can create more personalization and segmentation. As it paves the way for more targeted content.

10 B2B Email Marketing Tips That Work:

There are enormous ways to use and improve email marketing for your B2B business. Look at some here:

1. Keep in mind that you are communicating with informed customers:

Unlike B2C customers, B2B clients expect specific services. They are aware of what they want and will make reasonable decisions based on what is necessary for them. They also look for exceptional quality versus price proportion, so you should handle them accordingly.

 Here are some customers who you can address:

  1. Businesses in need of your product/solution to generate/produce their own product

  2. Companies that need your solution for internal tasks like management and office automation

  3. Agencies using your product/solution to serve their clients

  4. And resellers

2. Create attention-grabbing headers:

On average, employees send and receive 121 business emails daily (source: Campaign monitor). So making sure your email is opened and not thrown into the trash, your headers need to be vigilant.

Email marketing example

Here is an example of Sublime Stitching, a company that makes use of their great header. Their header is simple and has their logo with some reference links, which makes it easy for subscribers to read and get the message with ease.

3. Craft the perfect subject line:

33% of subscribers open emails seeing catchy subject lines. It is what interests the client to open and read the email. Source: Lead Quizzes

Personalizing your subject lines is a good idea, as it has greater open rates and click-through rates. Using your client's first name in the subject line or simply addressing their needs can attract them to open and read the message.

Also, use the K.I.S.S. rule, i.e., keep it short and simple. Studies have revealed that we read subject lines with 1 or 2 words more often. Here are some good examples that will help you write your subject lines:

  1. BuzzFeed: Not Cool, Guys

  2. Ramit Sethi: Entrepreneur = Insecure

  3. Danny Iny: Responsibility

  4. Paul Jarvis: Now What

  5. Scott Galloway: Divorce

4. Adopt a problem-solving approach:

As you already know that your clients are well aware of the marketing strategies and have thick knowledge about the industry. Adopting a problem-solving attitude, rather than a sales-centric approach, will gain you more sales.

While sending emails, let your clients know how your products help them in solving a problem or scaling their business. And send some valuable and interesting emails to grab their attention regularly.

Here is an example of a salesperson addressing the issue faced by a company and helping them solve it.

good email marketing for B2b

Source: Close Blog

5. Conduct regular surveys:

Conducting a regular survey might help you find out what your clients are up to and what they are interested in. This is one of the best ways to connect with them.

You can take the help of the online survey makers to create a survey and send it over emails. This will help you know about their necessities, priorities, purchasing behavior, and more.

After you've completed it, you can take the feedback and suggestions to improve and revise your product and services.

If clients are not happy with the service or product, taking quick actions to resolve the problem and apologizing for the same can go a long way in building a healthy relationship, as it increases the trust of customers.

6. Create interactive emails:

Email Marketing Motivation for B2B

Conversational emails are another way of engaging customers. An interactive email can boost open rates by up to 73%. (Source)

Adding emojis, GIFs videos can increase customer engagement. It also allows you to present your products in a new and unique way.

Tools like Giphy are great for altering your photos or videos into GIFs, you can use this to show the color options for your products. Or you can add the YouTube link or video link which you already created. This can enhance the open rate up to 300%.

To support your marketing strategy, you can use effective user onboarding tools. It will help you deliver interactive product sessions and personalize the onboarding experience. The tool is also wonderful for assessing and understanding the user’s engagement with your product and enables you to re-engage with the lost users.

7. Personalizing emails:

Personalized emails are proven effective, as they build customer engagement and increase ROI. Per the Campaign Monitor study, personalized email marketing elevates an average ROI of 112%. Begin by segmenting your emails according to your interests. Such segmentation directs up to a 760% increase in income. Source: Campaign monitor

Another effective way to segment your clients is by adopting targeted sign-up forms. For example, you can permit subscribers of your newsletter to choose their preferred editions when they sign up. In this manner, you can deliver content relevant to the consumer's interests.

8. Make it mobile-friendly:

Sending convenient emails can help. If they cannot access your email through mobile phones, they would not be interested in reading them either. Therefore, keeping emails mobile-friendly is essential. A study shows that 66% of emails are opened on mobile phones or tablets.

B2B email marketing stats

9. Use emojis:

The power of engagement in marketing can’t be ignored 🤯🤯🤯. Many marketers use emojis these days. It is an easy way to express, engage, and associate with the readers.

When you use emojis in your emails, it enhances the quality and uniqueness of your brand. And also improves your open rates and click-through rates.

While adopting all the new ways to engage your audience, make sure you don't overdo it. Anything which is way more extra can cause a deprivation of an interest in the product.

10. Use user-generated content:

User-generated text can establish engagement and help customers to take action. For example, you can host a contest and ask your clients to post pictures enjoying your products and offer a gift or reward for them. Also, you can get customer reviews and features in emails. It is the best way to involve your audience and create interest in your brand.

No matter whether you are a small business or a large business, consider email marketing as one of the important marketing strategies. It is the most effective way of boosting your sales.

Focus on captivating headers, creative subject lines, short and sweet techniques, personalized emails and problem-solving strategies, and so on.

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