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20+ SaaS Marketing Tools that Every Company Needs

Updated: Mar 27

It is critical for SaaS companies to stay efficient in terms of marketing, growth, and sales using their MarTech stack. Let’s look at some of the best SaaS marketing tools that can help you achieve growth in the most efficient way.

SaaS marketing automation tools for email

1. Drip

Best suited for smaller to medium-sized eCommerce businesses, Drip integrates with all mainstream eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and more. It also offers built-in revenue analytics and tools that engage with customers across multiple channels, from social media to SMS.

Drip SaaS Email Marketing Tool

Drip: Email Builder

Drip also enables businesses to grow their email list with custom pop-ups, automated lead magnet delivery, and Facebook Lead Ads. It provides its users with powerful automated workflows that are personalized.

Drip SaaS Email Marketing Tool

Drip: Product recommendations

All in all, Drip is positioned as a powerful tool for growing eCommerce stores.

This is one of the most popular email marketing tools and offers a collection of customer experience automation (CXA) tools.

Active Campaign SaaS Email Marketing Tool

ActiveCampaign: Marketing Automation

What sets this platform apart is its automation builder, which is a visual canvas for building automated marketing sequences across channels. And the intuitive design makes it easy to craft email automation sequences or import from their 500+ automation recipes.

Active Campaign SaaS Email Marketing Tool

ActiveCampaign: Intuitive email builder

What’s more, is that the platform allows its users to run A/B split tests of the entire automation sequences. All in all, ActiveCampaign is the tool that businesses of all sizes can make the most of.

This is suitable for any business that is looking for a well-designed and easy-to-use email marketing tool.

Benchmark SaaS Email Marketing Tool

Benchmark: Responsive Email Templates

What sets this platform apart from other email marketing tools is its design. Additionally, they offer templates on the platform. They have beautifully designed every element with a great user experience.

Benchmark SaaS Email Marketing Tool

Benchmark: Live Email Reports

Benchmark is a superb choice for any small business that is looking for a simple email marketing solution with a wonderful experience for clients.

Omnisend helps eCommerce brands control their marketing across multiple channels. It offers automated email, SMS, push notifications, and integrations with Google Ads, Instagram, Facebook Ads, Messenger as well as WhatsApp.

Omnisend SaaS Ecommerce Tool

Omnisend: Email Templates

It has also built and offers innovative email templates that reduce cart abandonment and drive repeat buyers. The platform integrates with eCommerce players like Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce. But what sets it apart is the integration with help desk platforms like Yotpo,, and ReCharge.

Omnisend SaaS Ecommerce Tool

Omnisend: Email Performance Metrics

This enables Omnisend to report on how an email campaign is performing. This then triggers other campaigns based on customer behavior.

SaaS marketing automation tools for social media

This platform is amongst the most popular and highly recommended social media management systems for businesses. 

Hootsuite - SaaS Social Media Marketing

Hootsuite: Social Media Monitoring

The tool helps access all social media platforms at once with a critical single key and schedule posts simultaneously.

It is an all-in-one interface that also tracks audience engagement. It also identifies brand mentions on social media platforms. Thereby enabling you to interact with your customers. 

It assists advertisers, agencies, and businesses by putting their social channels out in the competitive market.  

SaaS Social Media Marketing Solution

ContentStudio: Calendar View

It is another all-in-one social media management tool that caters to numerous social channels and gives insights into each. Furthermore, they also offer social media automation to its scheduling calendar.

SaaS Social Media Marketing Tools

ContentStudio: Post Composer

This platform is a brilliant choice for small and large businesses. 

Kontentino enables users and clients to collaborate seamlessly. Espicially, when creating and approving social media content. 

The tool showcases a powerful calendar along with the live post preview that shows all post formats in the same way that they will be published across social networks.

SaaS Social Media Marketing

Kontentino: Post Analytics

You can also link your Dropbox or Google Drive for storing visual assets and suggest post ideas.

Social Media Marketing for Product Businesses

Kontentino: Live Preview of a post

Furthermore, the analytics help put data in context. It also provides an effective way to see the best performing posts based on selected KPIs.

SaaS marketing automation tools for product adoption

UserPilot has tons of great functionality. It enables you to customize your onboarding flows. Moreover, you can analyze user behavior, and use in-app messaging to drive engagement.

SaaS Product Onboarding Tools

Userpilot: User Onboarding

You also can easily build linear or branched experiences using tooltips, modals, driven actions, etc. With contextual onboarding, you can show the right message to the right users. Additionally, the platform offers great product analytics. 

This platform is focused on helping the product team by providing user insight, guidance, and communication seamlessly.

SaaS Product Onboarding Tool

Pendo: Dashboard

Moreover, they use user feedback and detailed usage data to automate and personalize user onboarding and in-app communications. 

SaaS Customer retention tool

Pendo: Easy Guide Creation

It also allows users to automatically customize content based on the user or account profile, feedback provided, in-app behavior, and previous interactions with onboarding content. 

3. WalkMe

It is a great cloud-based platform that helps to manage in-app experiences. It can also create product tours. 

SaaS Help Desk solution

WalkMe: Dashboard

It is one of the pioneering onboarding products in the market. It has also been serving companies to create product walkthroughs with step-by-step onboarding guides. 

SaaS marketing automation tools for self-serve support

This platform is a one-stop shop for creating a complete customer service funnel to get your customers connected with real support feedback. 

SaaS Help Desk Solution

Intercom: Educate

It comes with a knowledge base so that you can create articles and attach them to your chat replies to each customer. This is their 'educate' feature which allows customers to view that help desk directly instead of making your employee time their first resource.

It helps businesses provide personalized customer support using AI-powered chatbots. Its integrated help center and community forum provide quick solutions to common customer queries and free up agent time. 

Zendesk is a consumer-friendly software that offers excellent packages in its suite. Moreover, it incorporates ZenDesk support, Guide, Talk, and chat under one platform.

Zendesk  - Self Serve Support System

ZenDesk: Tickets

ZenDesk support is essentially a ticket-raising system where operators can raise service tickets that will then be dealt with by one or a few agents over their lifetimes. These tickets can come from all over the web, including social media.

FreshDesk is a brilliant solution that focuses on usability and affordability. With Freshdesk, organizations can set up automation to handle specific customer inquiries as required. It also offers automatic delivery of help desk tickets to the right agent, prioritization of inquiries, and auto-responders. 

Fresh Desk - Product Customer Support Software

FreshDesk: Dashboard

The platform also offers ‘collision detection’ that ensures that multiple agents don’t pick up and work on a single inquiry.

SaaS marketing automation tools for user communication

HubSpot offers a powerful chatbot builder. It allows users to automate and scale live conversations.

Helpdesk automated chatbot

HubSpot: Chatbot Builder

Your customers can get answers to FAQs, book meetings, and navigate across the site. Simultaneously, their answers are saved in your CRM, allowing you to qualify leads and trigger automation.

This software supports live chat and chatbots to provide messenger-like experiences for customers. 

Chabot for SaaS

Intercom: Chats

With the help of machine learning and behavioral data, Intercom can respond to up to 33% of queries and provide personalized experiences along the way.

3. Drift

This platform aims to offer conversational marketing and sales software powered by rule-based automation and artificial intelligence.

Automated SaaS Tool

Drift: Bot Builder

Botsify is an easy-to-use tool for businesses that wish to set up bots quickly without having to worry about programming. They even offer customizable templates along with a drag-and-drop interface. 

AI Bot for SaaS

Botsify: Form in Chatbots

The bot can also be taught how to handle certain conversations. Botsify makes it easy for a live agent to take over any point, which is helpful if human interaction is needed mid-conversation.

It can automatically book meetings to your sales calendar to find out when a team member has availability and sets up the meeting with a qualified lead. Additionally, it helps users access self-service and get their support questions answered.

SaaS marketing automation tools for paid channels

1. Adroll

Adroll is a comprehensive tool that re-targets ad networks. It is an AI-based tool built to convert casual visitors and to bring back valuable repeat customers. Adroll is a very useful tool to promote your business using cross-channel marketing techniques. 

It also runs ads across Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and Microsoft. Hence, accessing 98% of the internet. It focuses on a variety of strategies like personalized ad targeting, audience re-targeting, multi-site dynamic ads, and intelligence email targeting.

Adzooma aims at making digital marketing accessible and cost-effective for businesses. It strives to help businesses grow through the power of innovative technology.

Adzooma is a leading pay-per-click (PPC) management platform for Google, Facebook, and Microsoft ads. Additionally, the tool helps users understand how they can best improve their campaigns through opportunities and automation.

AdExpresso is an all-in-one digital advertising suite that lets you manage campaigns on Facebook Ads and other ad networks like Google. This helps in streamlining your team's ad management by giving users a centralized place for collaboration, optimization, analysis, and reporting. 

The AdExpresso Data Sync account manager can link up to multiple CRMs like Mailchimp, HubSpot, and Salesforce. The tool also has a 'University' with webinars and videos that teach users how to use Facebook Ads and Google Ads to get the best out of their PPC Campaigns.

4. Mayple

Mayple enables easy monitoring of campaigns across various digital channels. It is ideal for growing businesses. It starts by asking questions to help set up your marketing campaigns. The answers are then used to develop a strategy that is unique to your business. The platform then matches your business to one of its experts to implement your marketing campaign. 

Mayple also integrates with popular marketing platforms like Google Ads Manager and Facebook Manager to ensure that you identify all opportunities for growth.

There are a plethora of marketing automation tools in the market. Therefore, it is critical that you choose tools that serve your objectives, integrate with your core marketing automation platform and CRM systems.

The right MarTech choice will save you lots of time and make your growth target achievement easier.

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