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7 Must-Try Zapier Automation Ideas for SaaS & B2B Companies

Updated: Mar 25

Zapier is software that links up different platforms and applications to automate some processes. It helps you streamline certain tasks across platforms and apps to create a workflow. All of this is with no code to the need for developers.

Zapier Automation Ideas

Let's consider a hypothetical situation first. Imagine you got a new project. And you’re very excited because you could get a promotion. You’ve got all the necessary information and documents ready. You sit down with your team and set the objectives and deliverables. Everyone is on the same page. At the end of the meeting, you have a terrible realization. And it is this: you will have to update the project on every platform your company uses. Now, you want to take care of this yourself to avoid any inconsistencies throughout Slack, your calendar, Salesforce, Asana, Google sheets, etc. Such tasks take a lot of time out of your schedule. In the end, the project is successful, but it burned you out. Now imagine you could have made things easier. And this is where we will stop with this imagination run because such software exists, i.e. Zapier. You can sign up for FREE using:

  1. Facebook account

  2. Google account

  3. Microsoft account

You can personalize your account with the apps you use most and with your team members. After you update the basic information, Zapier takes you to the dashboard. Here, you can create workflows with “triggers” and “actions” with the help of Zap. With this, you can trigger an action to occur on any app you choose. Now you can select from several Zapier automation features.

7 Must-Try Zapier automation ideas:

Automations are a great way to reduce repetitive and mundane tasks from the schedule. Over 40% of employees spend about 25% of their scheduling on repetitive tasks. With Zapier automation features, you can create the workflow between separate apps and automatically execute them. You can achieve these sequences of tasks by integrating APIs.

What is Zapier - Automation Ideas

1. Calendar notifications

You can set up notifications for events and reminders. Setting up your schedule is crucial to your workflow. However, they are not the easiest to maintain. Especially when you have a string of meetings and reschedules. With Zapier, you can automate the setting of meetings, reminders, and rescheduled events. And have the application notify you of any events or changes. What the workflow is like:

  1. Google Calendar to Slack

  2. Trello to Google Calendar to Slack

2. Team notifications

This automation is an essential part of running a business. You need to keep your team members or employees updated. However, sending mass notifications and text is annoying at best and time-consuming at worst. With one or a few Zaps, you can create an automated notification system for a “trigger”. Then you can set up an “action” and have it notify involved personnel.

For example, when you onboard a client, you can create a Zap that sends slack/email notifications to the team. Or when you generate leads, the automation can notify your sales department.

This does two things. One, it removes unnecessary notifications from the systems. You will only get a notification that you create a Zap for. Two, it is easier for your team to get into action when they do not have to muddle through unnecessary notifications. Additionally, you can have all your notifications in one place, so you do not need to worry about missing any. Plus, it eliminates the need to check multiple apps for notifications. What the workflow is like:

  1. HubSpot to Slack

  2. Typeform to Slack

3. Automated email logs and outbound emails

Deleting/removing emails might be one of the best feelings in the world. However, working through dozens upon dozens of emails is not fun. Especially if you do not know which ones are important. Plus, wading through emails takes up a big chunk of the schedule. Luckily you can have Zapier save your emails at a pace you prefer. You can back up and share your emails so that your inbox is not cluttered. You can easily integrate Google Sheets, Google Docs, MailChimp, etc. Therefore, with a few clicks, you can have certain emails saved anywhere other than your inbox. 

Additionally, you can set up an outbound emailing system. This can include en masse emails, follow-up emails, newsletter emails, etc. you can create different workflows for lead generations, client onboarding, FAQs, etc. Automation can steam line your emails processes and reduce the ‌time you spend on them, to create and send. What the workflow is like:

  1. HubSpot to Gmail.

  2. Google Forms to Gmail

4. Surveys and forms

Businesses run on forms or servers, like feedback, client onboarding information, etc. However, sending surveys through emails and aggregating the data generated is difficult. What if you have multiple surveys with different objectives? Or if you want to view the data in a single application. You can easily send surveys with email automation. From there, you manually aggregate the data generated and have Zapier send all data to one place. What it looks like:

  1. Typeforms to Google Docs

  2. Google Forms to Google Sheets

5. Social media posts

One of the biggest problems radical media managers face is the posting of content on individual platforms. With Zaps, you can automatically publish posts whenever you launch a new blog post and such. Additionally, you can have Zaps public one post across several social media channels. You also have the option to archive your social media post. Automating sharing of social media posts reduces the time you spend on the site. And reduces your workload. Plus, you do not have to worry about posting connect on time since Zapier takes care of it for you. What the workflow is like:

  1. Twitter to Facebook to Instagram (posting to several platforms)

  2. Instagram to Dropbox (to archive a post)

  3. Instagram to Facebook to Google Drive

6. Share social media posts with your team

Having your team share and comment on your brand's social media posts is a great way to drive engagement. You can set up a workflow that allows you to notify your team members and employees about new social media posts. Or set up a notification for a “mention”. That is when someone mentions you or your brand in a post. This trigger and action allow you to keep up with what is being said about your brand and the content are created around it.

What the workflow is like:

  1. Twitter to Slack

  2. Instagram to Google Forms

7. Bonus:

Back up your data with Zapier automation.One of the best parts of Zapier automation is that you can set up automatic backups of your data. In a SaaS business, it is imperative that you care for backups regularly and of everything. It is very easy to lose data due to forgetfulness and recklessness. You can set all your data to be saved to cloud storage at regular intervals. Like social media posts, files, videos, important documents, meeting records, etc. with backups, you do not need to work about losing your progress. Plus, it is easier to look up things from past projects. What the workflow is like:

  1. Gmail to Dropbox

  2. YouTube to Google Drive

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