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5 Effective LinkedIn Ads Strategies for SaaS Businesses

Updated: Mar 25

LinkedIn can be a tricky platform to market in. However, if done correctly, it has the potential to generate high-quality leads. So how do you develop your LinkedIn Ads strategies? The first step is to remember that LinkedIn is a professional platform. Moreover, it is best suited for B2B marketing. Therefore, LinkedIn has proven to be a treasure trove for SaaS businesses. The second step is to use best practices for your LinkedIn Ads strategies. Read More: What is SaaS Marketing? How does it differ from traditional marketing?

LinkedIn Ads Strategies

Here are a few LinkedIn Ads strategies:

1. Think about your budget

Many people claim that LinkedIn Ads can be expensive, compared to the results the platforms provide. However, it is not entirely true. One must remember that LinkedIn provides an immense B2B demographic that you can easily target. Additionally, you can lower per action cost by optimizing your LinkedIn campaigns. Plus, lower leads do not mean lower traction. It might very well mean ‌you get high-quality, converting leads.

To make the most out of your LinkedIn Ads budget, ‌employ best practices. This will help you improve your ad quality and optimize your ad. One of the best ways to increase engagement is to use videos instead of a single image. Try out different video and content formats to see which one performs the best. Additionally, you can re-target your audiences on LinkedIn that have performed a specific action. This makes it easier to market to audiences that are interested in your services. Plus, re-targeting interested audiences will help you drive your customer acquisition costs. Read More: B2B vs B2C SaaS Marketing: Understanding key differences

2. Being vague can pay off

The holy grail in marketing is using a customer persona. Getting your target demographic is key in marketing. Because without the correct marketing demographic, your marketing efforts will result in a loss. And so most advice on demographics is to be specific. Having specific audiences is a good sign of marketing when creating campaigns for Instagram and Facebook.

Since LinkedIn is a B2B company, most campaigns will also include job titles in the demographic. However, people can define one job with many titles. This can hinder your reach to relevant people. Therefore, the key to the demographic definition in LinkedIn is to be as vague as possible. Try to keep the audience as broad as you can with your LinkedIn Ads strategies. It will help you reach the correct people and not limit your audiences due to different job titles. Read More: Why is the Field of SaaS so Well Developed Nowadays?

3. Don't actively sell all the time

While LinkedIn is a professional platform, it does not mean you directly go into selling your product. Like any other platform, LinkedIn values connections and communities. Therefore, your focus should be on relationship building as much as product marketing. Remember, there are more ways to sell than just one. People dislike people selling to them. However, professionals on LinkedIn love to invest. Therefore, focus on having your customer invest in a product or service.

You can try the following for your LinkedIn Ads Strategies:

  1. Brand storytelling

  2. Case studies

  3. Interviews

  4. Guides

  5. Tutorials 

  6. How-to’s

  7. Educational content

4. Take your time to design funnels

As part of your LinkedIn Ads strategy you can optimize is your sales funnel. Structuring your sales funnel specifically for LinkedIn can help you generate quality leads that you can later convert. Moreover, structured funnels help you lose fewer leads. You can use LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. They are one of the best ways to generate and record them. Plus, they are cheaper since it hosts them on the site. However, you can always create a landing page if you don't want to opt-in for the Forms. With such forms, you can easily filter your leads and connect with customers later. 

It will help your marketing team get in touch with interested customers and convert them. However, it is crucial to contact your leads promptly. The key in sales funnels forms is timing. Call the customer too late, and they won't be interested or remember it. Surveys like this bring in a lot of leads, and sometimes it's hard to get in touch with everyone. Therefore, the lead mustn't go cold. Read More: Understanding Unit Economics in SaaS Marketing

5. You should invest in automation

Forms are great at generating a lot of leads. However, not every lead will convert. But it will fill up your inbox. By setting up automated replies, you can easily share content and answer FAQs without having to be at your desk all the time. Customers do not convert after a single touchpoint. However, getting in touch with them over home or chatting can be a monumental task since you will have a lot of leads.  It can take your customer ‌up to 18 touchpoints to convert! 

An easy way to deal with this issue is to automate your systems. You can set up an automated emailing system to get in contact with your leads. This way, you just have to draft an email and let the automation take care of the rest. Plus, you can also automate your chat systems to reply to FAQs. Additionally, you can create email sequences or automated workflows to make it even easier and more personalized. Read More: How to do Competitive Analysis in SaaS?


Using LinkedIn Ads strategies is one of the best ways to generate leads and boost conversions. Such strategies give you a framework to structure your campaigns around. It is crucial to take LinkedIn Ads strategies with a pinch of salt. Because what works for one company might not work for you. Therefore, ‌test your campaign to see what works and iterate on that. Read More: 10 SaaS Marketing Metrics You Should Absolutely Use

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