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Why Storytelling is an Important Skill for Marketers?

Updated: Mar 26

Storytelling has been a part of the human experience since time immemorial.  And over time, it has evolved to include videos, written texts, visual, and digital stories. Stories hold a lot of power, to change people's perspectives and introduce them to new ideologies. It can change the way people perceive your brand and business. How you might ask. With a few simple elements of story creation, you can create a narrative that resonates with your audience. And if you do it properly, it can be a key factor in your business and marketing strategy. And that is why storytelling is an important skill for marketers and business people. Read More: What is Hero's Journey and How to Use it for Articles and Brands?

storytelling for marketers

What does storytelling mean to people?

People love shopping but very rarely do they like “spending money.” What they do like is to invest in something that they love or are passionate about. This could be a hobby, a community, or a business. So where does storytelling come into play?

Why do you like certain songs, movies, or books? Specifically, which part of it do you like more? Is it the characters, the story or the conflict, or the solution? While you probably are very tempted to pick one, the truth is that all of these aforementioned elements make up the song/story/movie.

You probably like that specific thing because the main character is very relatable. Or because you might have the same flaws or have faced the same problem. Or because it is so wonderfully written that invokes a very strong emotion in you. No matter what the reason is, chances are that you’ll listen/watch/read it again. Read More: 4 Examples of Effective Storytelling by Brands to Inspire You

What does storytelling mean in marketing?

Business is much the same as creative work. In the sense that, there is a problem that the business is trying to solve. Say, you want trendy clothes at cheap prices. Shien is the solution. If you lean towards sustainable and eco-friendly clothing, then VETTA is the answer. Accessible clothing? UCQC is a great business. There was a problem, and someone created a business to bridge the gap between demand and supply.

In any case, a customer would have to either be intrigued by your brand when they first come across it. Or they would have to absolutely love the products. Every which way, it is the marketing content that is responsible for bringing in customers. It could be the content, the visual creative, or the discount. Maybe a combination of all three.

However, creatives are not the only thing that is keeping a customer from switching between brands. It is a little of brand storytelling and the products fit into it. When a person decides to continuously buy from a brand, they do so because of three reasons:

  1. They like the products and services

  2. The ethos of the business resonates with them and their morals and principles

  3. The content that the brand puts out keeps drawing them in

What are the advantages of storytelling?

There is a reason why storytelling is an important skill for marketers. From brand personality development to building a community centered around the business, there are simply too many advantages to storytelling in marketing. Moreover, a marketer can use storytelling to provide information in a way that their customers would remember. As well as, educate and engage with customers.

1. Change and shape brand perception:

There is a reason why you think of motivation when you think of Nike. Or of home and belonging when you think of Airbnb. This is because, through the years, these businesses have used storytelling in such a way that you think of certain characteristics when you think of them. Storytelling is an important skill for marketers because it helps them keep a consistent tone and feel across channels, products, and communications.

With consistent storylines, you can get your customer to associate you with certain traits and words. This means that you can change and shape how customers perceive your brand and how they interact with the same. Moreover, storytelling sets you apart from other competitors. Additionally, storytelling makes it easier for you to connect with people as a person instead of a brand.

2. Sell without a pitch:

When you employ storytelling in marketing, you focus on what the product makes people feel instead of the product itself. While this might seem like a roundabout way to talk about your products, it is one of the best ways to get people to buy from you. Moreover, it connects with the problems that your customers might be facing. 

Take Nike, for example, while their products are athletic wear. They use content and tone that is inspirational and motivational. They try to get their customers to “Just Do It.” This has a spark of spontaneity. However, they also work on cultivating long-term relationships with their customers with the content they put out. They are aiming for people who are fitness enthusiasts and amateurs who are looking to fit in. Nike has one of the best examples of brand storytelling out there.

3. Build a community:

It is easier to make friends when you have something in common to talk about. How many times have you bonded with someone because you watched the same movie or show as for them? With storytelling, you can connect with audiences that have the same interest as you. Moreover, it becomes easier to build a community of people who like the same thing. Or have the same problems and would like to achieve something specific.

Plus, storytelling is used to invoke specific feelings. You can use this to influence customers to join your cause. An excellent example is TOMS. to tackle the lack of adequate footwear around the world, TOMS came up with a solution. While the product itself is rather simple, they have a strong message centered around it. “One Day Without Shoes” is a campaign to bring awareness to the lacking resources around the world. For every pair of shoes bought from TOMS, the company donates a pair to a child who can not afford it. With this, they have built a tight-knit community that advocates for the company.

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